What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For today’s businesses, it is a must to utilize a web presence as one of their assets. Wide online market competition makes it hard for many businesses to acquire a good position in search engines.  The higher up the search engine results a website is listed the more likely a potential customer is going to click and follow the link.

Business owners can go to any extent just to have the top spot in different search engines.  The method of tuning your website to rank higher in searches, is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Many business owners tend to utilize SEO as their way of dealing with tough business competition.  The closer your content is to the potential searchers initial request, the further up the rankings you will rate.

The main goal of Search Engine Optimization is to maintain the high rank of your website when people search for specific keywords. Keywords play a very important role in optimizing a website. A keyword could be a literal single word, like “WatchGuard” or could be what is called a long tail phrase like “WatchGuard Firebox M Series“. If someone searches for the single word, it will be competing with every other document that is listed containing that single word.  Long tail keywords, or phrases, really help as they define the search phrase further. Keywords are considered the most important element in search engines that’s why you need to be very careful in choosing the best and the right one. Here are a few ways that I know of that can boost your search engine placements.


Content is king – make sure it is useful, has a good description and is relevant to what you are selling.  Make sure your keywords and phrases are well placed within the content.

Back Linking

A back link is a link created from another site to yours.  This is often the holy grail of SEO and if you can get websites that have relevant discussions or blogs that relate to what you sell, then see what options there are to get a link from that site in a mention or an article.  It will help !

Social Media Marketing

We all know of Facebook, Twitter, Instgram and the like.  Creating a social profile on these sites and then publishing relevant content that links back to your main website is also a good way to help increase your overall rankings.  Just remember, people are after content, so give them what they want and make it relevant to your business.

Make the most of it.

Search engine optimization is indeed an effective method that can optimize online visibility of your website. SEO has the power to boost online visibility of your website, if done right, or kill it off, if you get it wrong. I don’t think you have to use an outside company to help you.  There is plenty of material online, but the key is first to look at your website and see what improvements can be made on the content.

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